Colorado man arrested on suspicion of killing a mother black bear and two cubs

A Colorado man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of killing a mother black bear and two cubs in the Rocky Mountains a few hours southwest of Denver, authorities confirmed Monday.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which had learned about the illegal killing through anonymous reports and social media posts, found the bears' bodies Friday on state land, according to the agency's press release.

The following day, wildlife officers searched a nearby home with a warrant, discovering evidence that the bears had been shot there on Sept. 25, the release said.

The man was arrested on suspicion of illegal destruction of wildlife, a felony, and misdemeanors including unlawful possession and waste of game meat, and unlawful killing of wildlife without a license.

Speaking broadly about anyone who illegally injures or kills wildlife, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Bill Vogrin wrote in the release that “convictions could result in fines and surcharges ranging from $750 to $13,000 and up to 6 months in jail, depending on the charge.”

Vogrin declined to comment further on the case, citing an ongoing investigation.