CPR’s Books We Love 2023: Tell us your favorite reads from this year

(Graphic by Lauren Antonoff Hart)

Fellow book lovers! Colorado Public Radio is putting together a first-time project inspired by NPR’s Books We Love and we want you to help us curate.

Your recommendations will be used to create an inventory that other bibliophiles can use to discover new and exciting books. Each inventory item will include a short blurb about the book, plus category tags to help readers sort by genre and category.

Want in? Here are the guidelines:

First, pick one book that was either: published this calendar year; OR a book you read this year that was somehow relevant to local/world events of 2023 (i.e. on the history of Palestine and Israel), or significant to your life and where you were personally in 2023 (i.e. a guide on grief or a how-to on parenting). Non-fiction, novels and cookbooks are all welcome.

Next, create a blurb for your book that is 1-4 sentences long about why you chose it (see the example below). You don't have to sound like an expert critic. Just sound like you, the person who loves said book. Then reference the list of categories below. Choose two to four, including “Staff pick” if you work at CPR or "Audience pick" if you're a reader or listener.

Then, you’re done!

The deadline for submissions is Monday, Dec. 11.


Jesse David Fox is a shrewd and incisive critic of a vibrant and mutable art form that historically rejects criticism. Each chapter examines stand-up comedy from a different angle – “Context,” “Truth,” “Politics,” “Timing” and, not to be overlooked, “Funny.” But Fox brings the same level of inquiry and passion to them all, making an argument for comedy’s role in society even as he’s grappling with the shifting alchemy of the thing itself. It’s fascinating to read him making a very good case that, when it comes to stand-up, laziness is and has always been a far worse problem than not being funny. His insights go beyond pat notions of “punching up” and “punching down,” and he writes movingly about the craft of comedy – both its deft, hilarious uses and its hack, cruel abuses.

— Glen Weldon, host, Pop Culture Happy Hour

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