Westword announces winners of Denver’s Best Of 2024, music category is stacked!

Every year Westword puts out their Best of Denver issue and shock and awe grips the city as the results are revealed. Earlier this week, we finally got to see who won what and the results were incredible for many Colorado musicians. In some made up categories, tons of Local 303 alumni made the cut. Below we've compiled a list of Local 303 winners:

"Best Punk Music Video" Dead Pioneers

"Best Pop Musician" Grace Devine

"Best Reminder of Your Angsty Teen Years" hellocentral

"Best Rock Band/Concerts" IPECAC

"Best Soothing Album" Kiltro

"Best Band of Activists" Los Mocochetes

Courtesy of the artist

"Best Indie Rock Album" The Mañanas

Alyssa Pabers

"Best Debut Album" May Be Fern

"Best Hip-Hop Collab Music Video" DNA Picasso

"Best R&B Album" Spinks

"Best Out-Of-Pocket Lyrics" Horse Bitch

"Best Soul-Shaking Stage Presence" Rootbeer Ritchie & The Reveille

"Best Shoegaze Album" Corsicana

"Best Band to Listen To After a Day on the Slopes" Shady Oaks

"Best Sad-Boy Psych-Punk Band" The Sickly Hecks

"Best Dream-Pop Band" Little Trips

"Best Psychedelic Surf Rock" The Crooked Rugs

"Best Psychedelic Latin Music" Ritmo Cascabel

"Best Family Affair" iZCALLi