Jeffco GOP censures local leader who called for state party chair’s removal

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
The 2024 Republican state assembly was held April 6, 2024, at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo.

One of the first Republicans to call for GOP state party Chair Dave Williams to be ousted over his attacks on LGBTQ Pride Month, has now been censured for it by her fellow party members. 

On Thursday night the Jefferson County Republican executive committee censured county chair Nancy Pallozzi for acting in a manner “of much concern” after Pallozzi circulated a digital petition encouraging Republican leaders to seek Williams’ removal. 

“The actions taken of Chair Pallozzi in this matter have not been in the best interest of the Jeffco Party, its candidates, its supporters, or its members, and therefore have been, and are not, sanctioned nor approved,” states the censure resolution. 

It bars Pallozzi from taking any action or communicating further in her role as chair when it comes to Williams’ anti-Pride messages.

The censure also renders all of her previous actions regarding Williams “null and void and all the results and/or consequences are revoked and retracted, including petitions, surveys, etc…” 

Williams’ opponents say the anti-Pride messages spread hate and division and harm the party’s efforts to win elections. Earlier in June Pallozzi sent a letter on behalf of Jefferson County Republicans saying the emails are not in alignment with the over 1 million Republicans in the state. 

“The time has come for us to say we have had enough,” she wrote. “We are standing up for our constituents, our candidates, and all who want to see positive change in our state.”

Williams, who is also running for Congress in CO-05, has defended the anti-Pride campaign in debates, saying he cares more about meeting the judgment of God than winning elections.

However, the Pride messages aren’t not the only reason some want to force Williams out. Many Republican candidates and local officials are also upset the GOP party has started to endorse candidates in primaries instead of remaining neutral. Throughout his tenure as chair, Williams has shown he’s just as willing to attack Republicans who don’t hew to his beliefs as Democrats.