Colorado Arts Spotlight: Things to Know and Do Around the state June 28 – 30

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A woman wearing a colorful dress and a flower in her hair holds a microphone and sings into it.
Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield will perform Saturday, June 29, 2024, with the Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra at the Aurora Fox Theatre.

As summer heats up, this weekend offers a variety of artistic experiences across Colorado, from exploring personal journeys through diverse mediums to celebrating cultural heritage with music and dance. Attendees can anticipate engaging with thought-provoking exhibitions, captivating theatrical performances, and lively musical celebrations.

Breckenridge Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge presents "Cabaret," a musical set in 1920s Berlin that follows the story of an American writer and his encounter with an English singer against the backdrop of the rise of the Third Reich. 

Jacqueline Stone, Breckenridge, Backstage producing artistic director, said the group wanted to produce a musical this summer that was both familiar but also had a strong message.

“I think it raises a lot of questions for the audience and doesn't necessarily answer all of them for us. And so we wanted something that was a balance between entertainment and also something that felt really relevant to the moment.”

Director and choreographer for “Cabaret,” Keith J. Warren, said songwriting duo Kander and Ebb have done exactly that with many of their shows.

“I love theater that raises those questions that Jackie mentioned and makes the audience feel and think. And Cabaret is one of those pieces,” Warren said. 

Opening night for Cabaret at Backstage Breckenridge Theatre is June 28. It runs through August 11. 

At RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver, "Darrell Anderson: Risk & Change" will be on view starting June 28. Curated by JC Futrell, the retrospective spans decades of Anderson's artistic career, showcasing his mastery of watercolor, colored pencil, oil painting, and sculpture. 

Darrell Anderson said the show spans 38 years of his work. 

“It goes back to places that I have forgotten that I have been. And thank goodness for JC, who was a fabulous curator, brought things out of the woodwork that I had forgotten all about. So to express my 38 years, I'm so excited with what Redline Contemporary Art Gallery has offered me because I fit right into their purview of what they do,” Anderson said.

"Darrell Anderson: Risk & Change" presents an intimate portrayal of Anderson's personal and artistic journey, from his experiences in the Vietnam War to his path to sobriety.

Paintings hang on walls in a gallery space with materials in the foreground.
Courtesy Patricia McCrystal
The installation of "Darrell Anderson: Risk & Change" at RedLine Contemporary Arts Center in Denver.
A man poses in front of 20 drawings hung on a wall in a gallery art space.
Courtesy Patricia McCrystal
Darrell Anderson poses in front of his work as part of the exhibition "Darrell Anderson: Risk & Change" at RedLine Contemporary Arts Center in Denver.

Also opening this weekend, RedLine presents “FEMA Climate Resiliency, Photography and Storytelling Exhibition,” a collection of works exploring the impact of climate change, curated in partnership with FEMA Region 8 and several art organizations. The exhibition features artists' interpretations of communities adapting to environmental changes, highlighting stories of loss, resilience, and restoration in the face of natural hazards.

Friday, June 28

Language of African Drumming with Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Arvada hosts a Juneteenth celebration exploring the language of African drumming. Participants can learn about the history and cultural significance of drumming in African traditions and its influence on other musical genres like blues, jazz, and rock and roll. 

Language of African Drumming June 28 at 2  p.m. at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.

"A.I. Love You"

Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District presents "A.I. Love You", a juried exhibition exploring the concept of love through art created using artificial intelligence. This is the second showcase of artists' explorations using artificial intelligence as a creative tool at Niza Knoll Gallery.

"A.I. Love You" is on view from June 28 to August 11.

An AI generated art image featuring a stork as a woman and a man with an arm for a head holding a fish.
Courtesy Niza Knoll Gallery
Corinna Espinosa used AI to create "Domestication."
An AI generated image of a couple in cubism looking sad.
Courtesy Niza Knoll Gallery
Barb DeMarlie created this piece called "Love Actually" using AI.

"Field Day"

"Field Day" is an exhibition at the Leon Gallery in Denver showcasing the work of mixed media artist Julie Puma. The exhibition delves into the complexities of memory by using family snapshots and home movies. Puma's art explores the subjective nature of childhood memories and the differences between visual records and emotional recollections.  

The exhibition is on view from June 28 to August 3.

Saturday, June 29

"The Pirates of Penzance"

Central City Opera in Central City will host its Summer Festival from June 29th to August 4th, opening with Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance." The festival also features Puccini's "The Girl of the Golden West," and Kurt Weill's "Street Scene." The festival offers opera enthusiasts an opportunity to experience a range of classical works performed by renowned talents in a historic setting

"The Ladies of Soul"

Featuring vocalist Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield and The Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra pay tribute to soul, funk, and R&B legends like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

"The Ladies of Soul" at the Aurora Fox Arts Center in Aurora on June 29.

Broadway Rave in Fort Collins

The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins hosts Broadway Rave, a dance party celebrating Broadway musicals. Organizers encourage attendees to dress as their favorite Broadway characters and sing along to popular show tunes.

Broadway Rave at the Aggie Theatre on June 29.

Face Vocal Band in the Garden

Face Vocal Band, the internationally acclaimed all-vocal rock band from Boulder, is known for their energetic performances and diverse musical arrangements. 

FACE Vocal Band at Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont on June 29.

All Weekend

“TITUS” in Grand Junction and Palisade

Geek Parties of the Grand Valley presents "Titus," a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus." This version aims to make Shakespeare more accessible to contemporary audiences. However, viewers should be aware that the play contains challenging themes and on-stage violence.

Geek Parties of the Grand Valley presents “Titus“ at Peachfork Winery in Palisade June 28 and 29 and The Commons @ Lowell School on June 30 in Grand Junction.

Other arts and culture events around Colorado

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