The mysterious monolith in northern Colorado has been removed

Photo courtesy of Richard Kersch.
The mysterious monolith that appeared near Fort Collins last month was removed on the morning of Wednesday, July 3, 2024. A team and forklift appeared to unbolt the monolith and haul it away.

The shiny metal Monolith that mysteriously appeared on a hill near Bellevue and attracted hoards of visitors has been removed.

The vexing object was discovered in June on private land owned by Lori Graves, who also owns the nearby Morning Fresh Dairy Farm and the Howling Cow Cafe. Similar objects have been discovered in California, New Mexico, Utah and Romania.

In an interview with CPR News last week, Graves told CPR News she was amused by the curious object and the public frenzy, which attracted visitors from across the state and region who wondered if it was part of a public art project — or whether it had more extraterrestrial or supernatural origins.

That amusement soon turned into frustration as a seemingly endless stream of visitors trashed the site and exhausted cafe employees, she told “The Denver Post.”

On Wednesday, the dairy uploaded pictures showing workers using construction equipment to uproot the object, along with a statement saying it was removed after an “overwhelming” rush of visitors.

“We took ‘the Monolith’ down and are keeping it safe,” the Facebook post read. “If you are the creator and would like it back, please email [email protected].”