Brandee Castle
Brandee Castle has been a host on CPR's OpenAir since 2011. Her career in radio began in 2002 at the student-run Radio 1190 where she produced a three-hour show and supported the station's promotions.

Brandee studied journalism and digital media at Metropolitan State College.

Professional background:
Brandee'scareer in radio began in 2002 at the University of Colorado's student-run station, Radio 1190, where she produced a three-hour show and supported that station's promotions. In 2011, she joined CPR'sOpenAiras one of the first hosts and has been a regular voice featured in the evenings and on weekends. Outside of radio,Brandeehas worked stints as a social media editor and freelance content specialist for various organizations.

Favorite music:
I don’t play favorites, but I really love funk, soul, hip hop, anything with a solid beat…and Dolly Parton.

  • Denver Folk artist Kyle James Hauser stopped by the OpenAir studio to play a few songs from his new album Oh, Oh and sit down with evening host Kegan.
  • 1 Break It Yourself - Andrew Bird 2 Sunkissed - Bad Weather California 3 A Church That Fits Our Needs - Lost In The Trees 4 Arrow - Heartless Bastards 5 A Sleep and a Forgetting - Islands 6 Love at the Bottom of the Sea - Magnetic Fields 7 Young & Old - Tennis 8 Blues Funeral - The Mark Lanegan Band 9 America Give Up - Howler 10 151a - Kishi Bashi
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  • From Alabama Shakes to Zola Jesus, NPR breaks down 100 bands you need to know from the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. Hear the mix, download the songs and peruse some of the best names in new music. Everything's bigger in Texas, and this year's SXSW is sure to be the biggest yet.
  • When we ask a band to come down to Colorado Public Radio to lay down some tracks in our performance studio, they often don't know what to expect. This video of local artist, Ian Cooke shot by Denver's 1930Pictures not only beautifully depicts our performance studio, but also the raw talent of Cooke and his band. Enjoy!
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  • Thanks to the support of the Colorado community, more than 700 instruments were donated during CPR’s Annual Instrument Drive. Thanks to people throughout Colorado for donating their instruments and making the 2012 Instrument Drive such a success!
  • What started as a trip to L.A. to record with renowned producer Andy Johns, (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin) has resulted in the Swayback's long-awaited new record, Double Four Time. The Denver rockers offered an exclusive introduction to the album when they stopped by OpenAir.
  • 1 Be The Void - Dr. Dog 2 Young & Old - Tennis 3 Sunkissed - Bad Weather California 4 Arrow - Heartless Bastards 5 A Sleep & A Forgetting - Islands 6 Court The Storm - Y La Bamba 7 Maraqopa - Damien Jurado 8 Tramp - Sharon Van Etten 9 The Lion's Roar - First Aid Kit 10 Mr. M - Lampchop See all 30!
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  • The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, would have turned 80 this Sunday, February 26. To mark the anniversary, OpenAir will start every hour this weekend with a Johnny Cash song.
  • The world has been waiting eight years for mega talent, Leonard Cohen to release new music. The crowd goes wild with his brand new album, Old Ideas, out now. Let us tell you why.
  • 1 Young & Old - Tennis 2 Sunkissed - Bad Weather California 3 Be The Void - Dr. Dog 4 A Sleep And A Forgetting - Islands 5 Arrow - Heartless Bastards 6 Court The Storm - Y La-Bamba 7 Which Side Are You On?
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  • MTV, of all places, recently premiered the new Black Keys music video, “Gold on The Ceiling,” off 2011's El Camino, an album was so good that Time, Rolling Stone & OpenAir all considered it one of the best albums of the year. Watch now!
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  • In anticipation of the band's new album, OpenAir asked Achille Lauro to come rock the performance studio. And they did just that, playing some new songs and an old favorite. Listen now!
  • Their story is the stuff of movies and daydreams, their music the soundtrack. Denver band, Tennis stopped by OpenAir recently in support of their new album, Young & Old.
  • From love songs and being a radio host during Valentine's Day to what to listen to if your heart is aching and you don't want a single mushy word in your ears - let the ladies of OpenAir guide you through the murky love-song-filled waters of Valentine's Day.
  • 1 Young and Old - Tennis 2 Be The Void - Dr. Dog 3 The Lion's Roar - First Aid Kit 4 Future This - Big Pink 5 Let's Go Eat the Factory - Guided By Voices 6 Something - Chairlift 7 Which Side Are You On?
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  • The Horrors' 2011 album Skying feels less like an album composed of catchy one liners, and more like one coherent 50 minute statement.