Kegan Warner

Kegan joined Colorado Public Radio in November, 2011 as a part-time host on OpenAir. After about a year, he was named web director, responsible for maintaining digital content and managing social media activity. While in this roll, Kegan has continued to showcase new and local music on the air as a regular OpenAir host.Prior to landing at CPR, Kegan worked at Radio 1190, the campus radio station at University of Colorado, Boulder. During his two-year stint at Radio 1190, Kegan filled several roles, including volunteer, volunteer coordinator and host of the "Local Shakedown." He also assisted in fundraising and helped launch the station's social media presence.Q & AHow did you become interested in music?I used music early on as an escape from the typical stresses of teenage life. I was one of the first in my high school with an iPod and I wore out dozens of headphones clocking thousands of plays of every album I got my hands on. I'd say my diverse taste in music stems less from my interest in any given genre, but more from my need for constant musical refreshment.How did you get into radio?Your average musical resources didn't cut it for me. There was never enough diversity, and I couldn't stand commercial radio because it clearly pandered to the top 40 (long before I even knew the term "focus group"), so of course I naturally ended up at an obscure college radio station searching for enlightenment. I started at Radio 1190 in Boulder as a volunteer, then a DJ, then as their volunteer coordinator before making the transition to OpenAir as host and web director in 2013.Favorite music?I don't have a favorite genre, band, or song, but I will say that my musical interests are tied very closely to the seasons. Winter is a more mellow folk or electronic season, while summer brings me back to classics in every genre. Seasonal changes really seem like the best way to enjoy the variety of music available.