Clarinetist Ellen Considine plays the Concertino in E flat by Carl Maria von Weber. Recorded live in the CPR Performance Studio June 2, 2016.

Composer Carl Maria von Weber wrote some of the best-loved pieces for the clarinet.  

His Concertino for Clarinet, from 1811, is a great illustration of why clarinetists and other wind-section musicians love his work.

The Concertino quickly covers a lot of ground. It’s a whirlwind of variations, bouncing from one mood and tempo to the next. The music culminates in a rousing climax, then bows out before the 10-minute mark.

Clarinetist Ellen Considine

(Photo: CPR)

A piece this fun always benefits from a little youthful energy. So we were thrilled when Ellen Considine played it during a recent CPR Performance Studio session.

Considine recently graduated from Fairview High School in Boulder and represented the school in Colorado’s All-State Symphonic Band this year. She's also been a featured concerto soloist with Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras. She recently began her freshman year at the University of Colorado, where she continues to play.

Watch her performance in the video above.

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