Central City Opera: The Girl of the Golden West



Central City Opera House, 124 Eureka St., Central City, CO 80427

Event Description

"Passion, Peril, and Pursuit in the Wild West. Amidst the fervor of the Gold Rush, The Girl of the Golden West (La fanciulla del West) by Giacomo Puccini paints a vivid picture of life in a mining camp. In Central City Opera’s rendition, the opera unfolds in Central City in the 1840s, incorporating elements of folk music to evoke the spirit of the West. At the heart of the story is the beloved owner of the Polka Saloon, who finds herself in a complicated love triangle with a newcomer and the local sheriff. Amidst confrontations and moments of high drama, loyalty and love are put to the test, as Puccini’s masterpiece seamlessly weaves romance, danger, and the promise of a fresh start."