CU Presents: Guest Recital: The Power of Musical Language



Grusin Music Hall (C112), Imig Music Building, 1020 18th St, Boulder, 80302

Event Description

"Music is a powerful and dynamic language that reflects culture, tradition and politics. The compositions in this recital create a narrative of nostalgic sorrow, trauma, hope, national sentiment and despair. Specifically, Yoon Joo Hwang’s lecture and recital will present works for bassoon, viola and piano by three modern Korean composers: Jisoo Lee, Jeeyoung Kim and HyeKyung Lee. Within these works, Hwang–assistant professor of bassoon at the University of Central Florida–will explore the effect of Korean musical language and national identity on the ways composers express 'Koreanness' in Western musical forms. The recital will also include two iconic virtuosic works by French composer Eugène Bozza and Polish composer Alexander Tansman."



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