MahlerFest: Symposium



Mountain View United Methodist Church, 355 Ponca Pl, Boulder, CO 80303

Event Description

"MahlerFest's symposium showcases brilliant scholars, providing context and counterpoint that will add richness to the Festival's diverse musical offerings."

*Joseph Horowitz - Mahler and Schubert: Taverns in Paradise
*Renate Stark-Voit - Stations and Stages of a Close Companion: The Lied “Das himmlische Leben” and the Fourth Symphony (1892–1911)
*Nick Pfefferkorn & Kenneth Woods - Re-evaluating Richard Strauss: An new Urtext edition for the 21st Century
*Jeremy Barham - Mahler’s Fourth Symphony: Backward Glances in the Journey to the Heights
*Aaron Cohen - Behind the scenes with Embrace Everything – how a Mahler podcast gets created



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