Indie 102.3 Live Sessions FAQ

Welcome to Colorado Public Radio and Indie 102.3’s Performance Studio

About the Sessions

  • There are two types of sessions we record: stripped down and full set. The format is discussed in advance.
  • Your performance will be captured on video as well as audio. Our sessions are taped and not broadcast live unless discussed and planned in advance.
  • Sessions are published on our website as well as our YouTube page and promoted across our social media.
  • Most bands play a three-song set.
  • The Indie host on-site will let you know if they would like to record an interview after the performance. These interviews happen while in the studio before or after the performance. Interviews are between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • The audio from the performance/interview typically also goes into an Indie 102.3 podcast on podcasting platforms and the website. This is optional to include in the session and is discussed before arrival.
  • As it’s prerecorded, there is time for tuning and adjustments between songs or retakes if necessary. 
  • Some sessions include a small audience, which we discuss with you in advance.

About Our Studios

Performances take place in one of our two adjacent rooms. Both rooms have been designed and outfitted to specifically facilitate original audio and video content. Below you will find further details.

Indie Lounge

This room is smaller and designed for more intimate, often acoustic or stripped down arrangements.

Approximate room dimensions: 10’ x 15’

Demi Harvey/Indie 102.3
Arlo Parks performing a stripped down set in the Indie Lounge

Main Room

This room works best for large ensembles, with lots of equipment and sound. Our Steinway lives here.

Approximate room dimensions: 30’ x 25’

Local 303 artist N3ptune and Rusty Steve being interviewed by Host Alisha Sweeney in the main room

Setup, Planning and Tech

Please have a conversation with our audio engineer Justin Peacock in the days leading up to the session. Things we would like to know in advance:

  • Instrumentation, arrangement, number of vocalists
  • Do you anticipate needing headphones? (Often not necessary in the Indie Lounge.) As we are a recording studio, we don’t have sound reinforcement options like floor wedges.
  • How many amps (yours or ours) will there be and what can we take direct (DI) to help manage room volume?
  • Any other special requests or needs.
  • Please fill out our release form before the session

Audio engineer: Justin Peacock, [email protected], 303-902-2027

Backline - Instruments

  • Pearl Masters MCX drum set: 22” Kick; 10, 12, 16” toms; 14x5 snare
  • Sabian XS20 cymbals: crash, ride, hat
  • Steinway 9-foot Model D grand piano
    ***Please let us know in advance if you would like to use the piano! We would like to have it tuned and ready in advance of your visit.
  • Nord Electro 4D Keyboard
  • Taylor 214 Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar
  • Keyboard and guitar stands

Backline - Amps

  • Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb (2 available)
  • Fender Blues Junior
  • Vox AC15
  • Orange Tiny Terror combo
  • Ampeg Portaflex PG-115 + PF-500 head

Other things to know…

  • We have bathrooms on site
  • Smoking and patio spaces outside
  • Green room in the common space outside of the studio stocked with snacks and beverages
  • We need approval for the content created in the Session, here is where you can find an example of our release form. We will send this to you ahead of the session and will need to have it filled out and signed before we distribute anything

Getting there and away…

We are located at the Bridges Broadcasting Center

7409 South Alton Court
Centennial, CO 80112

When loading in heavy equipment, come through our back entrance (see map). Wheeled carts are available.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected] or the Indie Staff member you're in contact with. :)