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Indie 1023. Live Sessions with N3ptune and Rusty Steve

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29min 27sec

N3ptune has taken Colorado by storm for the past few years. It started with a school collaboration between students N3ptune and Rusty Steve, and they soon realized it was a destined match. Together they created high rock tunes influenced by hip-hop with a hint of pop and released their debut album Renaissance in 2021. Visiting the performance studio for the first time the trio of N3ptne, Rusty Steve on guitar, and Average Johnny (anything but average) DJing give an explosive set of four songs. An exclusive first listen of their song "Shadow" debuts in this session as well. Full interview by Local Music Director Alisha Sweeney, where she breaks down the songs and talks their recent Nuggets half-time show performance and what we can look forward to from N3ptune!

Songs performed:

  • "Wedlock"
  • "Black Horse"
  • "Shadow"
  • "Misery Loves Company"


Host: Alisha Sweeney

Producer and Digital Editor: Demi Harvey

Videographer: Irvin Coffee

Mixer: Justin Peacock

Audio Engineer: Pedro Lumbrano