Tourists pose for a picture on Loveland Pass, Colorado, as the Continental Divide looms in the background on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

(Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

The number of tourists visiting Colorado has grown year after year, boosted by a multi-million dollar national ad campaign.

The state wants to build on that momentum.  And it's released a new roadmap to make it happen.

77.7 million people visited Colorado in 2015. Combined, overnight and day visitors contributed $19.1 billion of spending in Colorado in 2015.

From: The 2017 Colorado Tourism Roadmap/Colorado Tourism Office

The opening lines of the report say "Colorado's visitor industry has increased at twice the national average since 2009, and is becoming one of the very top tourism destinations in the western United States."

Yet, it also recommends adding another $10 million a year to Colorado's tourism budget.

Cathy Ritter is the state's tourism director. She spoke with Ryan Warner.