Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in "Romeo and Juliet."

(Courtesy Cleo Parker Robinson Dance)

“Romeo & Juliet," the centuries-old story of star-crossed lovers, gets a fresh interpretation next week when Cleo Parker Robinson Dance performs the Shakespearean classic.

In this "Romeo and Juliet," religion further divides the Capulet and the Montague families. Juliet has been raised in a family that honors Yoruba traditions, with roots in West Africa, and Romeo comes from a devout Catholic family. It's set in New Orleans and is on at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre in Denver April 28 through May 7.

Cleo Parker Robinson, who has run a dance school and company for nearly five decades, in her Denver office on April 5, 2017.

(Stephanie Wolf/CPR News)

Cleo Parker Robinson is the artistic director of the dance ensemble and choreographed this work. She spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.