Jake Johnson at home in LaSalle with some of the awards he's earned over the years from showing pigs.

(Rachel Ramber/CPR News)

Jake Johnson is a 15 year old high schooler from LaSalle who grew up the way a lot of farm kids do, jumping in and learning the family business from an early age. In Jake’s case, that means raising pigs.  (Story continues below the video.)

This week marked his fifth year competing at the National Western Stock Show. We met him a few weeks ago on the family farm south of Greeley, where he dropped some serious knowledge on us about what it takes to raise these pigs and get them ready for the show. He let us follow along as he and his family set up their pens at the stock show, and then competed in the purebred and crossbred categories.

The story took some unexpected turns, first as his top crossbred pig took sick at the farm right before the show and couldn’t compete. Then Jake himself fell ill at the competition, although that didn’t stop him from showing his second and third best pigs. Watch the video to see how the story unfolds.