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In this episode, we check out instruments that musicians use to deliver some amazing rhythmic impact. Idiophones make sound from the vibrations of an instrument's body. A lot of the time, musicians whack them or shake them rhythmically. Let’s talk about how musicians like Ruth Brown, Los Angeles Azules and Queens of the Stone Age use idiophones to give us exciting percussion parts full of accents and syncopation.

Stuff to think about after you’ve listened:

  • Have you ever made an instrument out of a desk or a table? What are other ordinary things that you can turn into instruments?
  • What materials that the idiophones were made out of stood out to you?

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This is one of six Music Blocks episodes exploring your favorite sounds and the instrument families that create them. You can listen in any order. Find more episodes, discussion questions and playlists at MusicBlocksPodcast.org.

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