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Indie 102.3 Live Sessions with Mondo Cozmo

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26min 34sec

What is it like when a musician meets one of their favorite artists of all time? A dream come true happened for singer-songwriter Mondo Cozmo when he got an email from icon Bruce Springsteen. Mondo Cozmo grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (same as Springsteen) and was also a blue collar worker. The similarities were apparent and Mondo Cozmo has taken inspiration from his upbringing and the music of rock icons. Watch as Mondo Cozmo talks about his brand new album This is for the Barbarians and performs a stripped down set.

Songs performed:

  • "Meant for Livin"
  • "The Ballad of Vegas"
  • "Shine"


Host: Will Carlan

Producer and Digital Editing: Demi Harvey

Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock

Videography: Irvin Coffee