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Into The Whirlwind

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Cumulonimbus Cloud (DI01623)
Courtesy of Carlye Calvin / UCAR
A severe thunderstorm, cumulonimbus cloud, moves across the plains east of Denver on June 10, 2004.

You know how in school the teacher would give you a big group project and no matter how long you had to work on it, somehow it would always come down to a mad scramble right before deadline? Well, that's basically the situation state lawmakers are in right now, as they dash to get as many remaining bills as possible across the finish line before they're forced to wrap up in two weeks. And like us in our school days, they're scrambling their calendars and pulling all-nighters to fit it all in. This week on Purplish, Bente Birkeland and Andrew Kenney take us inside this chaotic time at the state capitol. Plus! Hickenlooper + Banjo + Capitol Steps = a moment that made us all go, wait... what?