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Lisa Prank Returns To Denver After Releasing Her Debut Album

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<p>Lisa Prank</p>

Robin Edwards' music career began in Denver. She played in bands like Lust-Cats of the Gutter and The Matildas, and booked concerts at venues like Rhinoceropolis and Bar Bar. When her earlier groups ended, the singer and guitarist started writing and performing pop-punk music as Lisa Prank -- backed only by a drum machine.

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Edwards now lives in Seattle and often collaborates with bands like Chastity Belt and Tacocat. This year she released "Adult Teen," her debut album as Lisa Prank.

Edwards stopped into our studio to play four songs from the album and talked with OpenAir about her early days in the Denver music scene, what it means to be an "Adult Teen" and her love for the music of They Might Be Giants.

Stream the session and watch Lisa Prank perform "Take It All" above. Read interview highlights and watch more videos below.

Edwards on starting her music career in Denver:

"One of the reasons I felt confident starting to play music as someone who was never really trained on guitar or anything was that I was surrounded by a lot of cool ladies playing music. ... I felt like I was able to start a band and feel confident playing at the Titwrench festival for the first time ever."

On the concept of "Adult Teen":

"We're taught that as we grow older we're supposed to get less wild and dramatic in our feelings and sort of temper them and mute them. I don't feel like that's been true for me. I feel like my feelings have just gotten more intense, and I feel more passionate and intense about things as I get older. ... I don't want to get older and get jaded and bitter."

Songs performed:

  • "Take It All"
  • "Turn It Up"
  • "Drive Anywhere"
  • "Starting Again"

"Turn It Up"

"Drive Anywhere"

"Starting Again"