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Colorado musician Mystee talks being deported from the U.K., roller derby, and doing back-to-back gigs

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Born outside of Boston and now Loveland, CO based, band Mystee made their debut in the Indie Lounge back in April. The frontwoman and founder, Ilana Held, told us this wasn't her first music project. Held ventured to Cardiff, Wales for a songwriting Masters program a few years ago. While there she did what any musician would typically do: she formed a band. The band created songs and performed gigs, but eventually it all came to a halt when Held was deported for violating her visa. This isn't the only wild story that led to Mystee's origins. Watch this Session with the Local 303 alum to hear more about her and the band's pursuits and listen to some of their latest tunes stripped down.

Songs performed:

  • "Hard Candy"
  • "Sore"
  • "Ember Ember"


Host: Willobee Carlan

Producer and Digital Editor: Demi Harvey

Videographer: Irvin Coffee

Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock