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On Voter Turnout, And Attempted Voter Turn-Offs

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Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
Hank Murphy and Deedee cast a ballot for the November, 2020 election outside of the Carla Madison Rec Center on Colfax Avenue. Oct. 16, 2020.

(It's a good title, go with me on this.)

With a dozen days to go before the election, early ballot returns are through the roof in Colorado. Already more than a million people have voted. Our Purplish team, Andrew Kenney, Bente Birkeland, and Caitlyn Kim, dive into the details behind that giant number to talk about what's motivating voters, and what it means for the parties.

At the same time that lots of people are voting, there are also a lot of rumors flying about alleged attempts to prevent that from happening. CPR's Justice reporter Allison Sherry stops in to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to stories about voter intimidation.

Plus, for fun, we play "Where in Colorado is Caitlyn this week?" and stick around 'til the end for something the team probably really wishes we'd left on the cutting room floor...

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