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Preview: ‘The Great Composers’ Podcast Offers An Intimate Look At Musical Masters

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Photo: Karla and Scott in Performance Studio
Karla Walker and Scott O'Neil, hosts of "The Great Composers," in the CPR Performance Studio.

CPR Classical is proud to announce its newest podcast, The Great Composers. It’s an intimate look at the people who wrote some of the greatest music ever.

Each episode features unique insights from CPR Classical host Karla Walker and conductor Scott O’Neil. Scott and Karla explore an important composer’s human side -- the struggles, aspirations and triumphs of some of history’s most brilliant musicians.

The new series kicks off with a five-chapter look at the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that drew a great response from listeners when it aired on CPR Classical earlier this year. Scott and Karla will feature more composers in future chapters.

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