Sports writer Pat Graham plays art critic in Boulder

August 15, 2014
Photo: Pat Graham and Chloe Veltman at (Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Brieske)
Associated Press sports writer Pat Graham and Colorado Art Report host Chloe Veltman, surrounded by Ana Soler's "Starting Point: Causa-Efecto."
But Ruth Bruno and Cortney Lane Stell, who guest curated “Game Changer,” the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s summer exhibition, hope that getting art aficionados and sports fans in the same room may start an important conversation about the role sports play in our society.
On view through September 14, “Game Changer” presents works by 12 artists who take a reflective, and often critical, look at competitive sports. The show explores how we spend our leisure time and money as well as how we create and define our individual and collective identities.
“I think people will see what they want to see,” Bruno says. “Many things in sports are very much popular culture based. So someone who is not a sports follower would be able to get some of the things throughout the exhibition. But I think a real sports fan would be able to appreciate both the formal and aesthetic artwork.”
Colorado Art Report host Chloe Veltman decided to test Bruno’s assertion when she viewed “Game Changer” earlier this week in Boulder.
Instead of inviting someone immersed in the art world, Veltman toured the exhibition with Pat Graham, a Denver-based sports writer for the Associated Press.
While walking through the museum Veltman and Graham each shared their insights on the exhibition.  
“The thing that I find fascinating is that Chloe and I had different takes on a lot of these pieces," Graham says. "That’s the purpose of a great piece, to elicit different emotions from people."