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The Colorado Art Report: American women rebuild war-torn France, street art moves indoors and more

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(Photo: Courtesy of American Friends of Blerancourt)
<p>An image depicting devastated post-WWI France from the photograph collection contained in the “A Call to Arms” exhibition at the Molly Brown House.</p>

Photo: 'A Call to Arms' 3Tune in to the Colorado Art Report, CPR's weekly arts show hosted by Chloe Veltman, for in-depth coverage of the Colorado culture scene.

On this week's show:

  • While Denver socialite and philanthropist Margaret Brown is most famous for surviving the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, a new photography exhibition at the Molly Brown House in Denver delves into her humanitarian efforts in France after World War 1. The Museum’s director of education, Jamie Melissa Wilms, talks to Chloe Veltman about the narratives behind these images.
  • A new exhibition at Museo de las Americas takes the work of street artists from the urban setting to museum walls. Arts reporter Corey H. Jones explores whether institutionalizing street art diminishes its purpose.
  • In this week’s Book Club segment, three Colorado authors talk about the books their parents read to them when they were young.
  • Umoja Dance Company, a West African drumming and dance collective in Denver, brings its driving rhythms and high-energy dances to the Colorado Black Arts Festival next weekend. The troupe gave CPR an exclusive preview of a song and dance that highlights how the performers use their instruments to speak to each.

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