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The Eyes of Ancestors (Payette National Forest, Idaho)

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Leaning against a ponderosa on a ridgeline, CMarie watches a storm roll in. CMarie knows this storm, this nature, has something to teach her. The flowers on the mountainside opposite look like eyes; like the eyes of her ancestors, asking her to learn from and fight for nature.

This episode takes place on Nimiipuu, Tukadeka, and Shoshone Bannock homelands.

Host and Writer: CMarie Fuhrman
Field Recordist: Jacob Job
Outdoor audio recorded at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Editor: Erin Jones
Producers: Rebekah Romberg, Kibwe Cooper
Art: Maria Juliana Pinzón
Executive Producer: Brad Turner
Additional Editorial Support: Jo Erickson, Luis Antonio Perez, Emily Williams
Thanks also to Jodi Gersh, Clara Shelton, Arielle Wilson, Martin Skavish and Jon Pinnow

Terra Firma is a production of Colorado Public Radio's Audio Innovations Studio.

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