Jacob Job

Outdoor Sound Recordist, Terra Firma

Jacob Job is the outdoor sound recordist for the podcast "Terra Firma" from Colorado Public Radio.

Dr. Jacob Job is a conservationist, scientist, science communicator and field recordist working to enhance conservation efforts by engaging the public on issues related to biodiversity, sustainability and land conservation and preservation using natural sounds recordings, education and stewardship. He is a National Geographic Explorer, project lead of “Sounds of Your Park,” and producer of Scientific American’s “National Park Nature Walks,” where listeners take guided audio tours of protected places across the country. Dr. Job currently works as Associate Director of the Bird Genoscape Project, but spent most of his professional career as a member of the Sound and Light Ecology Team at Colorado State University. He received his PhD from Western Michigan University, M.S. from Eastern Michigan University, and B.S. from East Tennessee State University.