Trailer: Purplish Reborn

January 10, 2020
State Capitol PreviewState Capitol PreviewHart Van Denburg/CPR News
Purplish: bringing you the view from the capitol every week of the 2020 session

A lot has happened, dear podcast listener, since Sam, Bente, and Megan chatted in our final episode last year. Sam decided he needs a break from the grind of politics and moved to the eminently more cheery beat of climate change. Bente got a new partner in crime at the state capitol, public affairs reporter Andrew Kenney. And Megan, well, Megan's an editor, so nothing really changed in her life.

Now Purplish is back, with Bente and Andy at the helm. Throughout the legislative session they'll be popping into the studio each week to hash over the biggest issues at the Capital, discuss the strangest happenings, and to call on the expertise of their journalistic colleagues, at CPR and elsewhere.

Look for new episodes each Friday afternoon in your podcast feed.