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Two Capitols, One Wild Week

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Naquetta Ricks is sworn in Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, as the Democratic state representative fore District 40 in southeast Denver. Ricks’ family fled the nation of Liberia when she was a child to escape a coup. She’s the first African immigrant to serve in Colorado’s legislature.

In Washington, DC, it's been a week of riots, impeachment, and a certain Colorado congresswoman making a national splash. In Denver, new lawmakers have been sworn in and the legislature is back at work ... for three whole days. The Purplish crew, Andrew Kenney, Bente Birkeland, and Caitlyn Kim, reunites this week to talk through what they're seeing and hearing inside those two capitols.

This season of Purplish will primarily focus on the news of the state legislature. After this week's episode we'll follow lawmakers' example and break until they return in February. Unless we have to come back sooner Because the political news is nothing if not unpredictable right now.

This episode of Purplish was produced by Jon Pinnow. The show is edited by Megan Verlee. Our executive producer is Rachel Estabrook. CPR’s head of audio innovations is Brad Turner, who also composed our theme music.