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Colorado Public Radio Continues Max Wycisk Fellowships, Supporting The Future of Storytelling

Centennial, Colo. July 25, 2019 Colorado Public Radio has welcomed two new young professionals into its year-long fellowship program, Max Wycisk Fellowships. Taylor Allen and Claire Cleveland joined CPR News earlier this month, and will spend a year working in the newsroom to expand their journalistic skills.

“Our paid fellowship program provides a space for young journalists to tell the story of Colorado, and is thereby helping to secure a bright future for public radio in our state,” said Kevin Dale, Executive Editor of CPR News. “We know Taylor and Claire will grow their skills and passion for storytelling through the mentorship of other journalists in the CPR newsroom.”

Allen is a graduate from Temple University and worked part-time as a digital producer and reporter at WHYY in Philadelphia. Cleveland is an Arizona State University graduate and former intern at The Denver Post and The AZ Center for Investigative Reporting.

Taylor Allen
Claire Cleveland

“CPR News is changing and growing, and not many news organizations can say that,” Allen said. “I’m thrilled that I can advance my journalism career in a community-focused newsroom that’s constantly evolving.”

Funded by a $1.19 million campaign last year, Max Wycisk Fellowships, named in honor of CPR's founding CEO, is an initiative to help develop the skills and expertise of the next generation of public radio professionals. Eight young professionals have completed fellowships in the past five years of the program, with six of the graduates earning regular, full-time positions within the organization.

Most recently, former fellows Joella Baumann and Hayley Sanchez were hired on as reporters within the CPR newsroom.

“I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities over the last year to hone my skills as a journalist and gain new ones, and I’m glad that journey isn’t over,” Baumann said. “As I continue my career in the CPR newsroom, I hope to find my niche in journalism, and to continue to soak in everything I can from my talented colleagues.”

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