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3 Governors in a Day

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Colorado Governors Adams, Peabody, and McDonald.
3 Governors in One Day

Governors come, and governors go, but never quite like in March 1905, when Colorado had three governors in 24 hours.

Democrat Alva Adams had defeated sitting Governor James Peabody, but Republicans said it was a fraudulent election – that the Adams campaign had some people vote multiple times under different names, in different precincts. Democrats had their own beef. They said mines and corporations forced employees to vote for the anti-union Republican, Peabody, or lose their jobs.

The state supreme court stepped in and declared Peabody the winner of the election. But his own party had soured on him, so they decided he could be governor, on the condition that he resign within a day.

And that’s how one Thursday at 5 p.m., Alva Adams gave up the governorship. James Peabody took it. And on Friday at 4:45, turned it over to his Lt. Governor, Jesse McDonald, giving the state three governors in 24 hours.

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