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Christmas lights

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
With the end of 2020 in sight, and despite the pandemic, Denver’s City and County Building is lit for the holidays on Christmas Eve.
Colorado’s contribution to Christmas lighting

December, 1914. In Denver, 10 year old David Sturgeon is too sick to join his family downstairs around their Christmas tree. His father, an electrician, has an idea: paint some lightbulbs green and red, string them in a long circuit around a pine his son can see from his bedroom, and keep the tree lit through the night. People came from all around town to see the first electrified outdoor Christmas tree, and the next December, neighbors added lights to their own trees and homes.

In the 1920s, Denver's mayor allowed a light display on City Hall. By the 1950s, this annual municipal project required 25,000 bulbs and seventeen miles of wiring. It's a tradition that continues – including the stipulation that the City and County Building stay lit in a colorful cacophony of cheer well into January, to greet the stock show coming to town.

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