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Daddy Bruce Randolph

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“Daddy” Bruce Randolph holds a street sign that bears his name during a ceremony in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood in 1984 or 1985. Mayor Federico Pena, City Councilman Hiawatha Davis, and other men stand nearby.
“Daddy” Bruce Randolph

Every November, thousands of Denverites in need receive a Thanksgiving meal because of the big-hearted owner of a barbeque joint.

“Daddy” Bruce Randolph said his grandmother gave him his barbeque recipe and his philanthropic spirit. And so it was that in 1967, with a truck full of food and a portable grill, he fed a few hundred hungry people in City Park, then did it again every year until it became one of the largest free Thanksgiving celebrations in the country. By the 1980s Daddy Bruce filled the bellies of thirty to forty thousand people each year. He also fed the Denver Broncos at their practice sessions – meals they liked so much that they took him on the road with them to feed staff and players.

He died in 1994, but Bruce Randolph's memory lives on in a street and a school named for him, and his Thanksgiving meal tradition continues.

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