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Election of 1876

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Election of 1876

1876 was an election year, and Colorado’s admittance to the union would have political consequences. As a “publication of note” back east put it: "There is something repulsive in the idea that a few handfuls of miners and reckless bushwhackers should have the same representation in the Senate as Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York."

By the time Colorado officially became a state, they could not organize a presidential election for Coloradans. Instead, the new state legislature, with a slim Republican majority, chose the state’s allotted 3 electors. And they all picked the Republican, Rutherford B. Hayes – who lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College – 185 to 184. To date, it’s the last time any state chose electors through its state legislature, rather than giving miners, bushwhackers and all other voters the final say.

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