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Eugene Fodor

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Eugene Fodor

It’s rare for a classical musician to become a household name, but in the 1970s, that was the case for Denver-born Eugene Fodor.

Known for his stunning talent, rockstar good looks, and winning an international music competition in Moscow during the Cold War, Fodor charmed audiences from stages around the world – and on NBC’s "Tonight Show." He was 10 when he made his solo debut with the Denver Symphony Orchestra. And Fodor had a special lifelong connection with horses, thanks to growing up on a ranch near Morrison. He could play his fiddle standing on the back of his horse – which met him at the Denver airport when Fodor came home from his triumph in Moscow. And he especially appreciated a good horsehair bow, which he described to Johnny Carson in 1977.

[Clip from the “Tonight Show”]
Fodor: It comes from the tail of white horses preferably from a colder climate.
Carson: In other words, a cold horse.
Fodor: With a warm tail.

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