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Feb. 23, 2024: Reintroducing the wolverine to Colorado; Why is Congress so ineffective right now?

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Wolverine Protections
Chris Stermer/California Department of Fish and Wildlife via AP
This photo provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife from a remote camera set by biologist Chris Stermer, shows a wolverine in the Tahoe National Forest near Truckee, Calif., on Feb. 27, 2016, a rare sighting of the elusive species in the state.

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First lynx, then wolves, now wolverines. Colorado revisits plans to bring the rare and elusive member of the weasel family to the state's alpine tundra. Then, why is the 118th Congress so ineffective? CPR's Caitlyn Kim talks with some of Colorado's delegation about the frustration. Also, the pandemic story behind United's new flight training building in Denver. And, remembering singer/songwriter Randy Sparks.