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Glenwood Canyon

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Glenwood Canyon

Millions of years ago, the Colorado river carved Glenwood Canyon. A narrow winding way with walls 1000 feet high, the canyon's first human traffic made way on foot. When westward pioneers arrived in wagons, they dug out a wider trail passable only in summer. Then the railroad blasted through, then a dirt road, then a paved two lane highway.

But when an interstate was proposed, there was pushback. John Denver joined the resistance and threw a rock across the canyon to prove its narrowness. Studies to minimize impact went back and forth for years

To snake an interstate through this slot required innovations. And when I-70 finally opened in 1992 this 12-mile section marked the end of a nationwide project begun in the Eisenhower era. Watch for rock slides now and then. But also Marvel at the majesty of Glenwood Canyon.

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