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Jan. 2, 2024: State expands paid leave; ‘God is Red’ explores Indigenous religion, respect for nature

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FAMLI Employment Law Attorney
Chandra Thomas Whitfield/CPR News
Attorney Jessy Bonds, who works in the Colorado Springs office of the Employers Council, speaking with us about the FAMLI program which launched January 1, 2024 in Colorado. The FAMLI program, which stands for Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program, allows employed Coloradans to apply for up to 12 weeks per year of paid leave to deal with major life events like growing their family or taking care of a loved one — or themselves— navigating a serious health condition.

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Now more working Coloradoans have access to paid leave to care for a loved one or themselves. It’s a state program called FAMLI, not to be confused with the federal program FMLA. We break down the differences and how to sign up. Then, "God is Red" explores diversity of thought in religion and the importance of respecting Native traditions and our environment.