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June 18, 2024: Colorado’s ‘Red Flag’ gun safety law used inconsistently; JoFoKe bares her soul on stage through music

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
State Rep. Tom Sullivan watches as Gov. Jared Polis signs HB 1177, the Red Flag bill, into law on April 12, 2019. Sullivan, a freshman lawmaker, campaigned for office in part to enact tougher gun control laws after his son Alex was murdered in the Aurora theater shooting. He was a leading sponsor of the bill.

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When it comes to Colorado's so-called "Red Flag" gun violence prevention law, where you live often dictates when it's used, if it's used at all. Then, her family's musical legacy goes back four generations, but JoFoKe isn't relying on that as she makes her own mark, baring her soul on stage. For Black Music Month, we re-share our February interview with the Denver singer/songwriter. Plus, a big fossil find near Colorado Springs.