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Mt. Sneffels

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Mt Sneffels
Mt Sneffels

Mount Sneffels is one of Colorado’s most spectacular peaks and a photographer’s favorite. It’s the mountain on the face of the new Colorado driver’s license. And it’s named after a volcano — in Iceland.

That volcano in faraway Iceland is where the heroes of a Jules Verne novel began their "Journey to the Center of the Earth." That may be the reason Colorado’s mountain got the name, or it may be because the western side of Mount Sneffels looks like a volcanic crater. Also unknown? The names of those who made the first recorded ascent in 1873.

Ever since, mountaineers have braved a near-vertical world of sharp ridges, icy slopes, and ragged peaks to reach the summit. Others four-wheel as far as possible from Yankee Boy Basin and then hoof it up the last mile or so to the summit. However you get there, the reward at the top of Mount Sneffels is an iconic view, and the heroic feeling of a journey to the top of the world.

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