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Opioid Sobriety In The Gym; Colorado Soccer Stars Aim For World Stage; A Dozen Colorado Floods; A Landscape Of Longing And Belonging

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If you’ve been sober for 48 hours, you can join Phoenix Multisport, a network of gyms that just won praise from the Trump administration for fighting opioid addiction. Then, Mallory Pugh and Lindsey Horan were high school soccer stars in Colorado. Now they’re back as members of the U.S. national team who hope to compete in the 2019 World Cup. And, Colorado’s been devastated by flash floods in the past. An author who has chronicled that history says Colorado’s population boom could increase the loss of life and property next time. Plus, Colorado Springs poet Janice Gould’s father was transgender but couldn’t embrace it until late in life. Gould weaves that sadness into her new collection.