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Sandhill cranes: Herald of Springtime

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(Courtesy Dave Jones)
<p>Sandhill cranes migrate near Monte Vista in March 2016.</p>
Sandhill cranes: herald of springtime

Spring is coming to Colorado. One sign: the return of the Sandhill Crane. A big gray bird with a crimson colored crown, the sandhill crane can be four feet tall, with a six-foot wingspan. And every March, the southern Colorado town of Monte Vista celebrates the sandhill crane, as one massive flock makes a stopover on its way north for the summer.

It’s a sight some call one of North America’s greatest wildlife phenomena: tens of thousands of cranes descending on the San Luis Valley. In the fields, some begin an elaborate courtship dance: huge wings spread, heads bobbing, and all the while making a sound almost unlike any other herald of springtime. The Monte Vista Crane Festival is virtual this year. Look up the Festival’s Facebook page for online viewing.

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