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The Struggle To Hire American; Assessing Landslides In Puerto Rico; Watchdog Group Shuts Down; Low-Cost Lift Tickets

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The push to 'Hire American' has been a drumbeat of the Trump administration and the president signed an executive order encouraging it. But for one Denver company, it's been a challenge to find workers. Then, in Puerto Rico, landslides cut off mountain communities after Hurricane Maria. Now, those communities are getting help from a team of scientists in Colorado that is mapping the slides to assist aid workers on the ground. And, as a government watchdog group in Colorado shuts down, we look at some ways individuals can spot and report government corruption. Also, Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs is viewed as the Holy Land of American ski jumping, but it's losing money and the city thinks one dollar lift tickets could be the answer. Plus, bronze animal heads by China's most famous -- and controversial -- artist go on display at Denver's Civic Center park.