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Western Meadowlark

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Matthew Pendleton, Macaulay Library at Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The western meadowlark is common in Colorado but its numbers are dwindling.
The western meadowlark

You'll probably hear one before you see it, though seeing the western meadowlark isn't necessarily hard to do, as they reside in much of Colorado year-round, and they like finding tall, open perches to call from. That could be a fence post in an open field, the top of a powerline along a rural road or even a high stalk of grass.

Robin-sized, western meadowlarks are mottled white and brown on their upside, and breeding age birds have brilliant, bright yellow undersides with a sharp V on the chest. A male may have more than one mate at a time, and though he helps with feeding nestlings, the female does most of that work. As his job takes him back to the fence post, to attract another mate, or ward off another suitor.

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