A High-Wire Walker, An Unorthodox Developer, And Other Conversations With Colorado Trailblazers

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Photo: Highwire Acrobat Postcard In Eldorado 1 (Color)
Ivy Baldwin, from Eldorado Springs, crossed Eldorado Canyon dozens of times. This postcard made prior to 1919 dubs the above-pictured walk -- 582 feet above the ground and 530-feet across -- as the "greatest" in world history.

On this day after Thanksgiving, we take a look back at Colorado Matters conversations with trailblazers. One, a developer with unorthodox views, another who hiked the 500 mile Colorado trail --blind, and, a Colorado tightrope walking daredevil.

  • Blind Hiker Trever 'Zero' Thomas: Thomas, who lost his sight a decade ago, braved storms and long days with his guide dog, Tennile hiking the Colorado Trail. They even found time to go off trail and ascend Mount Elbert, the tallest peak in Colorado.
  • Denver Developer Dana Crawford: Fifty years ago, developer and preservationist Crawford transformed a block of Denver's skid row into a popular shopping and dining destination called Larimer Square.
  • Funambulist Ivy Baldwin: Baldwin, once a circus performer, wound up in Colorado where he awed crowds as a high-wire walker. He crossed Eldorado Canyon dozens of times well into his 80s.