A Loveland Woman’s Global Hunt For ‘Endangered’ Textile Arts

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<p>(Courtesy of&nbsp;Joe Coca)</p>
<p>Linda Ligon spinning with Peruvian weavers at Tinkuy 2010, a gathering of weavers in Cusco, Peru.</p>

When conditions became dangerous during a recent trip to Afghanistan, Linda Ligon had to return home. She's not a soldier, diplomat or aid worker. Instead, Ligon is the founder of a small publishing company in Loveland called Thrums Books that produces books on fiber arts created by indigenous people from around the world.

Ligon was in Afghanistan last October to meet a woman who runs an embroidery shop in Kandahar. She has also traveled to remote areas of Mexico and Guatemala to research textile traditions that run generations deep. Ligon departs for Cusco, Peru later this week. She spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner in anticipation of her travels.

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