A New Plan Could Help Cure Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety In Colorado

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Photo: Electric vehicle (AP Photo)
An electric Fiat is plugged into a charging station.

Electric vehicles appear to be the future, with GM and Ford laying out plans for the eventual demise of the gas-powered car.

But for now, potential buyers still have something called "range anxiety." That's the fear an electric car's battery may run out of charge far from a recharging station.

But a solution could be on the horizon — at least in the West.

Will Toor, director of transportation programs for SWEEP, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, joined Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel. They discussed a new seven-state plan, which includes Colorado, that will create electric vehicle corridors.

The plan spans more than 5,000 miles of highway across the West, and 11 interstates. It could make the electric vehicle charging station as ubiquitous as the gas station.