After Collaborating With The Likes Of Isakov And Rateliff, Julie Davis Returns To Bluebook

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Photo: Bluebook Astronaut's Wife
The latest album from Denver band Bluebook is "The Astronaut's Wife."

Denver singer-songwriter Julie Davis has made music as Bluebook on and off for more than a decade. She creates a sparse, haunting soundscape driven by her vocals, upright bass and looped percussion.

Lately Davis has been busy collaborating with notable Colorado musicians, including Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff and Joseph Pope III, her husband and one of Rateliff's titular Night Sweats.

But with a new musical partner, Jess Parsons, Davis returns to Bluebook with a new album, "The Astronaut's Wife." Davis and Parsons talked to Colorado Matters about writing songs inspired by motherhood and and collaborating on a series of nursery rhymes.