After Democratic Convention, Sanders Delegate Will Campaign For Clinton

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Democratic National Convention delegate
Colorado delegate Joe Salazar was a Bernie Sanders delegate but after the Democratic National Convention he'll support nominee Hillary Clinton.

When Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders conceded the party's nomination to Hillary Clinton, Colorado delegate Joe Salazar was disappointed. But Salazar, a state representative from Thornton, emerged from the Democratic National Convention determined to support Clinton in her battle against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Salazar told Colorado Matters there's too much at stake for those he represents, especially in the Latino community, for him to stay on the sidelines. But he said if Clinton is elected she needs appoint Sanders supporters to key positions to make sure progressive policies are followed.

Salazar said he's working to rally local Sanders supporters to campaign for Clinton but not all are willing to do so. Some, he said, immediately grasped the need to help the nominee, others say their still "grieving" and need time. And some, he said, have told him they'll never campaign for Clinton.